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Prom Season

At Salina Limousine, we understand that Prom Night should be one to remember for always! It’s finally here! Now for the shopping for the right dress or Tux, deciding who will be traveling with you, planning the after-Prom Events and so much more. The last thing you need to do is to worry about finding a Trustworthy, Fun and Professional Limousine Service. One that will be On-Time, Fun but Safe & Professional Drivers and Affordable without any hidden fees! We provide limousine service all over Kansas so make an arrival that others will envy!

Prom night is a special event full of memories that you will carry with you throughout your life. It’s an exciting moment in a teen’s life and should be rightly celebrated.

Whether it is just you and your date or a group, we have just the right luxury vehicle to whisk you away to your prom in style. Your attentive, professionally attired chauffeur will arrive on time and be at your service throughout the evening.

For Parents: Don’t tell your kids… It’s important that your children have fun and make lasting memories on prom night, but their safety is, by far, paramount. You can have peace of mind knowing your children are being safely chauffeured by an experienced, expert driver and that Salina Limousine has a strict zero-tolerance policy.

We take great pride in offering first class limo services for your Prom!

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