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Why Use a Broker?

After you contact a limo broker such as "Limo Anywhere", "Rent A Limo" or "Price 4 Limo" they will begin contacting limo companies that actually own limousines. The brokers will try to hire a limousine company at a discounted rate. The broker then keeps the difference as profit. Whenever you choose to call a broker, you should be aware that you are not dealing directly with a local company.

Limo brokers represent limo companies in many cities or even nationwide, so another issue that arises from this is that if you are calling to book a limo for a Wine Tour near Manhattan and the broker is from another state, there is no chance that he knows what best fits you and your group. You may be booking a Wine Tour near Manhattan New York. After setting you up with a limo company, the broker’s job is basically done and you are left to deal with the limo company that comes to pick you up.

Salina Limousine will receive calls from brokers and we provide them a quote for the limousine service. We know that if the customer would just call us direct, we could save them money, frustration and time.

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