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How A Limousine Rolls

We all have a preferred route or short cut that we take every day. Each time we ride in a passenger seat we “help” the driver by showing the short cuts and thru streets. So its an initial instinct to help navigate your limousine chauffeur in and out of your neighborhood. Over the years, we have had a number of customers who insisted on directing the limousine chauffeur down a specific route. This could lead to disaster for all involved.

Two to three days prior to your reservation, our office representative will call you to confirm your itinerary. This allows us to locate the correct address for all your stops and map out the itinerary.

So next time you are tempted to help your chauffeur with which street to take, please keep in mind:

  1. A Limousine ride is an experience in itself. The passenger area is designed in such a way as to create a fun atmosphere for the guests: changing colorful lighting, mirrored ceilings, surround sound system, etc. Relax and enjoy yourself, let the chauffeur handle the limo navigation through the congestion and traffic.

  2. Limousines are large vehicles and make wide turns, therefore some streets might not be acceptable and safe. In addition, some streets will high center a limousine and then we are all stuck.

  3. For your safety and the safety of all passengers, we want you exiting the passenger side of the limousine on the right side of the street. Sometimes we take the longer way to ensure that all passengers can exit the vehicle safely.

  4. Unlike taxis that charge per mile driven, limousine service is arranged on an hourly rental basis. Our chauffeurs will advise you of the time throughout your trip to ensure you arrive safely back at your drop off point within the originally discussed time frame.

  5. Salina Limousine covers all of Central Kansas with its hundreds of towns and thousands of streets and drives. Our chauffeurs are generally very well acquainted with major roads and highways. In case they find themselves in the unfamiliar environmental they will rely on GPS to help them navigate.

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